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Dianne Imperatore-Elrod

With over 20 years experience, Dianne Imperatore-Elrod was voted one of Ohio's top 10 estheticians by Pevonia International. Besides her vast knowledge of facial and skin care, her expertise also includes make-up artistry: video, film, wedding parties and photography. Diane is also a skilled paramedical camoflage advisor.

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european facial· 90 minutes · $75
The basic skin care treatment which includes cleaning, steaming, a firm but relaxing facial massage and a treatment mask.

skin and acne treatment · 90 minutes · $80
All of the above plus a deep pore cleansing, also an effective treatment for problem skin with special programs for teenage pimples and acne.

rejuvalight therapy · 90 minutes · $85
Light, infra-red therapy, non invasive treatment for wrinkles and sagging skin. Helps with the rejuvenation of skin cells. Very effective. (Infrared alone · 60 minutes · $60)

rosacea treatment · 90 minutes · $75
Rich in vitamins, amino-acids and all seaweed-rich oligo-elements. This treatment is capable of delivering exceptional results for rosacea couperose and other similar conditions. ($90 w/deep cleansing)

c and sea mask treatment · 90 minutes · $75
Great for aged, sun-damaged skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals. ($90 with deep cleansing)

myoxy caviar anti-aging mask · 90 minutes · $99
Your skin visibly reflects improvement on deep wrinkles and skin firmness. A high performance lift-off mask containing shea-butter, pearl extract, escutox and replenishing vitamins gives youthful radiance to skin

plantamere lift-off mask · 90 minutes · $90
A soft lift-off mask with a rubber consistency and a cooling feeling. Great for sensitive, fussy skin. Has great healing properties from the ingredient propolis, that is rich in natural antibiotics and vitamin A

stem cells treatment · 90 minutes · $99
Performed with argon and comfrey root stem cells, which helps regenerate our own stem cell production. Smooths wrinkles, strengthens elasticity. Ideal for mature skin.

lumafirm™ lift and glow facial · 90 minutes · $80
Renders your skin ultra luminous with a firmer, tighter more youthful appearance. This treatment lightens pigmentation and performs as the best anti free-radical/antioxidant. ($90 with deep cleansing) Main ingredients: cambucha, diacetyl baldine and sorghum.

lymphatic drainage massage · 90 minutes · $75
Only the best will do! Stimulating skin treatment. Will relieve puffiness and eliminate toxins in the skin

collagen treatment· 90 minutes · $75
Collagen polypeptides with myoxy-caviar. Especially for individuals starting with fine lines, deep expression lines, or a lot of wrinkles. ($85 with deep cleansing)

elastin treatment · 90 minutes · $75
Promotes luminous and firm skin. Done with elastin polypeptides. ($85 with deep cleansing)

micro retinal peel facial · 90 minutes · $99
This treatment will improve skin texture. It helps lighten hyperpigmentation, prevents epidermal thickening, controls acne and pore clogging. Leaves the skin soft and smooth therefore diminishing the signs of aging. Best results done in a series of 6 treatments / once a week

oxy-vital mask treatment· 90 minutes · $90
For highly sensitive, red, rashy or burned skin. It is calming, healing and sone with aloe and collagen.

dna treatment · 90 minutes · $75
Promotes cellular lifting for dehydrated, bad skin texture, helps shrink pores and minimizes scaring ($85 with deep cleansing

anti-aging eye treatment · 90 minutes · $70
Done with a mix of collagen and elastin. For tired eyes, poor circulation, puffiness and crow's feet. ($80 with deep cleansing)

luma firm eye treatment · 90 minutes · $85
Smooths wrinkles, lifts and firms, brightens, tightens and diminishes dark circles.

de-stress eye treatment · 90 minutes · $75
A unique paper-like mask, when wet, sinks into skin and releases collagen and ginko biloba extract. Great for puffiness or irritated skin on upper and lower lids

back treatment · 75 minutes · $75
Fantastic- a wonderful extra treat for a dry, unattended back. Results: soft, smooth and healthy back skin. Acne treatment

hand and arm treatment
· $35
Luxurious-an unbelievable, relaxing experience. No matter how dry your hands and arms are, this trearment will make them smooth and soft as silk.

Make-Up Lesson · 90 minutes · $65
Make-Up Application · 45 minutes · $40 ( With Lashes $50)

Lash Tint· 15 minutes · $20
Brow Tint· 15 minutes · $15


Brows · 15 minutes · $15
to $20
Lip · 15 minutes · $8 to $10
Chin · 15 minutes · $8 to $10
Side Cheeks · 15 minutes · $14 to $16
Bikini · 15 to 30 minutes · $28
Half Leg Wax, both legs · 45 minutes · $35

*certified organic
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